Your View: Supports Merchant and the GOP in Plymouth

Published on Monday, 23 October 2017 18:37
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To the Editor:

Plymouth, we have a problem. This paraphrase, similar to the one from “Apollo 13,” signifies what the current election process is facing. On one side, you have a proven leader in Dave Merchant. On the other side you have some individuals that are claiming activity and participation in local government and specific boards. Therein lies the problem.

In my opinion, activity and participation is hands-on work, and being a sitting member of a board or committee. It is individuals growing, learning and working for what is best for the community.

Some members of the Citizens For Responsible Government have stated that they are active on the Boards of Finance or Education and Town Council. Active is not just attending meetings as an audience participant. It is not coming to meetings of your choice. It is not leaving when your interest is over. It is not only speaking of what is wrong. It is actively serving on a board and contributing to the fulfillment of the board’s responsibilities.

The community has faced some very difficult situations over the years, and Dave Merchant has met them head on. He has worked diligently with members of the community, and the town staff. Committing his time and effort to analyze situations, solve challenges, move forward, and do what is best for the citizens and the community. A team of committed citizens to continue this great work joins him. The Republican Party, and many town organizations have endorsed Dave. He has a successful track record over the years with his current position as mayor, and the many other positions he has held.

I encourage you to do two things this year. First, get out and vote. Make a difference. It matters. Second, vote for Dave Merchant and keep the town moving forward. Actions speak louder than words. And Dave Merchant’s actions have done the town well and will continue to do so in the future.

Daniel J Murray, III


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