YOUR VIEW: Reader supports Zoppo-Sassu and her team

Published on Sunday, 22 October 2017 21:23
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To the Editor:

Nov. 7 is around the corner and I’m pleased to support a great team.

Calvin Brown’s decision not to run again saddened me for he’s been a great city councilman for the First District. However, I’m delighted to have two new excellent candidates for whom to cast my vote.

I can honestly say that Greg Hahn and Josh Medeiros are Bristolites with integrity, passion, knowledge and an eagerness to help Bristol become the best that it can be. Greg’s passion for the arts and his hands-on experience in that world both as a performer and a leader in working on developing our arts and culture in the city are needed as we get Memorial Boulevard School on track to become the arts center that we deserve. His quarter century of experience in business and strategic planning give him the knowledge to help in managing the city’s business.

Josh’s experience (running a city Parks and Rec program) and training (a PhD in Educational Leadership) give him a jumpstart on knowing how to work with city budgets and in understanding the complexities of running an excellent school system during tight times.

We also have the chance to elect a terrific mayor. Ellen Zoppo-Sassu is amazing. I have watched her for over 20 years develop into the leader and Bristol cheerleader she is today.

Even when Ellen was not running for or in office, she was everywhere, doing good for the city that she loves. She has had a hand in dozens of diverse efforts in Bristol. Ellen has worked tirelessly with the historical society, finding money to make their building better and diversifying their museum collections. She helped For Goodness Sake get started and can be seen there volunteering herself on Saturday mornings.

She’s supported the Little League, the Boys and Girls Club, coordinated host families for the Bristol Blues and has gone to many of the games also, cheering them on. She has been at the forefront of many fundraisers and other efforts for folks in need without looking for credit.

Ellen doesn’t just love Bristol, she’s contributed to preserving its history, to creating its present and to helping to design its future.

Ellen’s political experience has given her a detailed knowledge of our laws, our ordinances, our budgets and the workings of every city commission and task force. She’s served on many over several decades and can cite the name of specific ordinances at the drop of the hat.

Ellen was a recipient of a P.L.U.S. (Positive Leadership, Unselfish Service) Award many years ago but didn’t stop there. It was just a foreshadowing of more of the same dedication and hard work in the years since then.

In conclusion, as someone who is passionate about Bristol myself, I urge you to get out to vote on Nov. 7. Your vote counts. If you love Bristol, please do your research and get to know the candidates.

Laura Minor


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