YOUR VIEW: Voter supports Cockayne for re-election as mayor

Published on Thursday, 19 October 2017 19:33
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To the Editor:

I read with great interest the article about how much money mayoral candidate Ellen Zoppo has raised for her campaign.

Has anyone taken the time to see where those contributions came from? I did and it is illuminating. Pay attention, voters.

Almost a third of the money comes from unionized employees or union PACs. In addition to several thousand dollars from city firefighters (one of whom heads her campaign), there are also sizable contributions from former city attorneys who I imagine want to get back on the city payroll.

So then ask yourself, why would these unionized employees donate? It can’t get much better than it already is. Most city employees have four weeks’ vacation, up to 175 sick days, a generous pension plan, a health care plan most of us would envy and much more. Maybe if you were the average city employee that lives in town, you would be concerned about who the mayor is. But why are donations coming in from employees that don’t even live here? A reasonable assumption is that campaign promises are being made.

About three-quarters of the city‘s budget is made up of salaries and fringe benefits. I personally don’t want the city’s interests to be represented by someone who has been funded by those that sit across the table. I also don’t think that campaign contributions should gain access to city jobs. It’s like a fox guarding the henhouse.

I place my trust in Mayor Cockayne to do what’s best for the taxpayers. He does not owe anyone.

Justin Saucier


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