YOUR VIEW: Reader endorses Andrew Howe for council

Published on Thursday, 19 October 2017 19:32
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To the Editor:

Andrew Howe is embroiled in a tough race for a 2nd District council seat in Bristol. He is new to running for office, relatively new to politics, but he is an old hand when it comes to Bristol and the problems that need fixing. Andrew knows the Bristol Board of Education is out of control. Two years of “surprise” deficits and the firing of Bristol’s school superintendent in a “sweetheart” deal that included a generous package of post-employment pay and benefits are proof positive.

Oh yes, then there is the clause in the superintendent’s separation agreement that ensures she doesn’t spill the beans on the board and its “leadership” unless she finds herself testifying under oath. He will go after the board like no Democrat will to help ensure those responsible for the mess are identified and suffer serious consequences for their mis-management of taxpayer dollars. After all, it is the Democrats who hold a super majority on the board, so who do you think are the culprits?

Andrew is well aware of the importance of, both Centre Square and the MBS project, to the future of Bristol. When completed, both projects will be catalysts for the revitalization of downtown. Both will draw people to center city and a variety of businesses will spring up to meet their needs. He can be counted on to work hard to ensure the success of these two crucial projects as well as the subsequent developments that are expected to follow.

And last, but not least, Andrew can be counted on to support sound fiscal management of Bristol finances to help ensure taxpayers get the biggest bang for their hard earned bucks. Keeping taxes down, spending wisely and ensuring the integrity of the city’s financial management system are top priority items for him.

Andrew will do all of these things and more, but first, the voters need to elect him to office. He will do his part if the voters do theirs.

Peter Del Mastro


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