Your View: Reader seeks bipartisan vote for Preleski, Kelley

Published on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 18:24
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To the Editor:

The time has come for politicians to stop holding the party lines and start doing what’s best for their constituents. I know that is a pipe dream on the national level, and probably on the state level, but it is achievable on the local level. There are local issues which need to be addressed, such as the downtown development and Memorial Boulevard School, which shouldn’t be determined by a politician’s affiliation. The local government needs to work together and forget about which party they belong to. We need people in office who can work together as a unit and not take sides merely because their party is promoting a certain position.

I think Dave Preleski and Peter Kelley in District 2 can be those type of leaders. Both of them have years of experience as businessmen in the community and know how to work collaboratively to get a deal done. Let’s stop worrying about political parties and put people in office who are result oriented, I think Dave and Peter are those type of candidates.

Mark Ziogas


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