Your View: Plymouth Dems don't need a thousand signs

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2017 21:57
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To the Editor:

Wow. I just read the Plymouth Connection and look at all those campaign ads put out by the Republican party and the CFRG, and all those signs on the corner of Route 6 and 72 (well, almost all). Can you imagine the money that was spent on all those signs, not only on 6 and 72, but all over town? And how about those ads? Both parties telling us what they have accomplished and the other telling us what they will do.

If you’re at the traffic light in front of Dollar General, look at the top of the hill at 6 and 72. There is one sign with five names on it, for the Democrats, that also says Vote Row A. Remember that TV show, “The A Team?” When people called for help they called for the best. That is not the only sign you will see around town for the A Team, of course. But I want to point out that one, which like many of our signs was made by hand. The Democrats don’t need a thousand signs to tell you everything we have done for this town. Remember:

Who helped start the improved streetscape downtown?

Who helped us bring Dollar General into town?

Who helped bring Nutmeg Spice into town?

Who helped us get a new town garage?

Who helped us get land for the Plymouth Reservoir?

It was the Democratic leadership of former Mayor Festa, along with help from others.

Even though we do not have anyone at the top of our ticket this year we still feel very good about our team of candidates and will work to keep Plymouth moving if you elect us. We are bipartisan problem solvers who will put Plymouth first. Did you see us working hard cleaning up Main Street on Oct. 7, from IGA all the way up to Town Hall? We worked hard cleaning trash for one day, but can you imagine how good we’d be working for the whole town every day? As our Town Council candidate, Christine Judd, said, “We don’t talk trash, we pick up trash.”

That’s us. Vote Row A, Democrats.

Linda Kazmierski


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