Your View: Reader supports Fortier for City Council

Published on Thursday, 5 October 2017 21:26
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To the Editor:

I am writing to advocate Mary Fortier for City Council. In every decision and vote, Mary looks towards the future of Bristol and how best to improve our city. I have known Mary Fortier since I was in elementary school. I attended St. Joseph’s with all six of her children. Growing up I always looked up to Mary as a role model. She is a highly educated, independent, and confident woman.

Although Mary appreciates this great city for its tradition and beauty; she is well aware that change is necessary and that the time has come to build-up and improve our hometown. She believes in Bristol and the potential to bring in new families who will also fall in love with the charms of our very unique city. Mary Fortier is the candidate who truly invests her time, energy, and her passion into making our city a wonderful place to raise a family, a place where our children can attend high performing schools, and experience and celebrate a rich and diverse culture.

As a resident of Bristol and as parents of a one-year-old, my husband and I discuss the school systems and community surrounding us. We ask ourselves, is this the best city to raise a family? The answer is at this time, it could be, Bristol has incredible potential. We need to start choosing the candidates; ones that truly believe in this city, ones who have raised their own children here, and will continue to invest their time and energy into making our city a better place for them. Mary’s vision for our schools and community is centered on making Bristol the ideal place to live and raise a family, while investing in the downtown project which has so much potential for the youth in our city. Mary believes in a community where everyone feels safe and welcomed and a place where jobs are available.

As you cast your vote on Election Day, please keep this in mind. Mary loves her hometown and her family. She exemplifies a hard work ethic and has a strong moral compass. She speaks and acts from the heart and will make decisions based on evidence, conviction, improvement and our future. She’s not looking for recognition or praise; she will work hard to improve our city. I have full faith in Mary to continue to serve as our council member.

Maria Ragali


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