YOUR VIEW: Reader dismayed by empty stores, homes taken down

Published on Friday, 8 September 2017 19:44
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To the Editor:

Mayor Cockayne says that he has improved the city in his time in office. I beg to differ.

Look at the cities and towns around us whose Grand Lists have grown. Just ride a few miles to Souhington, Plainville Farmington and New Britain where they are adding new stores and business and construction is going on to add more to their Grand Lists. Here we have had a new business come in to the area around ESPN but look around at all the empty store fronts and, after the new hospital building goes in, even more empty businesses.

We had a home taken down here several years ago on Burlington Avenue that the mayor said was being robbed from inside although none of the neighbors saw that. They saw the city trucks in there before demolition and the destruction of that built-in swimming pool by the city’s contractors extraordinaire who are making money off this administration every time they decide to take down a home.

At the time, the mayor said the road was going to be widened and this would help. Well, the road has been widened and another home taken down to accommodate it. There was no need for the widening except to speed up cars. Wait for the upcoming accidents.

We cannot go on with more of the same. We have a community that needs change for the better and we need something that will draw people downtown. The hospital building will look nice but the mayor rejected several offers for the property so he could get the hospital building in. We need to make our downtown more vibrant. You go down and look at Route 6; you will see a lot of empty buildings.

Let’s vote for a responsible and hard working person that can really effect change in the city. Time to do the right thing and elect Ellen Zoppo Sassu mayor and let Mr. Cockayne straighten himself out in privacy.

James Beaudoin


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