Your View: Reader appreciates common-sense language

Published on Thursday, 31 August 2017 20:23
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To the Editor:

Editorials have been really good. Today’s “Work together not mudsling” was truly heart-felt for the “good old days” before Facebook and tweets.

Now hearing about the East and West Coast “Elite” media commentators...I started watching and listening hard to the people I’ve read and listen to for decades (Christian.Science Monitor for 40 years) and I ‘ve noticed the many syllable words or obtuse words that might annoy or even anger high school graduates. Where as Mr. Trump uses all those one- or two-syllable words that lower our discussions into the septic tank.

Now, I read your editorials and I’m delighted to say they are to “my” points (thanks) and have few of the “talking down to” words

Many, many thanks.

The “show off” my vocabulary words people (you used propensity? only iffy word for we common folk) really think that way but don’t commune with the high school graduate, old fashioned blue collar-type worker.Thanks again for many well written editorials and well chosen from other papers.

Kay Burke


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