Reader: Could Nazi-like actions come to the U.S.?

Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2017 21:06
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To the Editor:

When does “free speech” become “verbal terrorism”?

When a hate group carrying torches, swastikas, shouting Nazi, white supremacist and KKK slogans invade a college campus or any public area.

Is that “free speech” or “verbal terrorism”?

When a hate group assembles, even with a permit, with face guards, bats and shields, are they looking to provoke or to assemble peacefully?

That question begs a thoughtful answer.

When a hate group camps and chants outside a synagogue, armed with weapons and flags bearing swastikas, forcing the parishioners to leave out the back exit out of fear for their lives.

Is that “free speech” or “verbal terrorism”?

I often asked myself how was it possible that the citizens of Germany allowed Hitler and the Nazi movement to flourish, wreaking havoc in the world and the massacre of over six million people, mostly Jews. I was always sure it could not happen in our country, the freedom-loving United States of America.

Sadly, I now know I can’t be sure.

Roger Fekete


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