Reader asks: Where is the budget?

Published on Tuesday, 1 August 2017 21:01
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To the Editor:

It has been over a month and no state budget has been passed and there is no sign that one will be completed anytime soon. State programs have had to either shut down or be extremely strapped financially because it seems like no one in the legislature wants to compromise.

I blame Governor Malloy for many things wrong with the state, but I cannot place blame on him. He has avoided a government shutdown by passing a bare bones budget to keep the state running.

I also cannot blame the union because they have given up concessions for the betterment of Connecticut. The commercials airing on television proclaim that the deal the state employees’ union accepted was a crooked deal but wouldn’t a crooked deal be an increase in benefits rather than a cut? The union did not have to do anything.

Who must do something is the legislature. The governor and the state workers have done what they can do but not the legislature, which has done close to nothing. One of the main tasks assigned to any legislature is to create and pass a budget. They have not done that.

Most of us, whether students or those in the workforce, cannot leave school for the summer or leave work for vacation until our tasks are accomplished. Why should it be different for the legislators? I can give leniency for not being in Hartford during the Fourth of July week but it has been over a month later and there is no sign of a budget being passed any time soon. When will the state pass a budget? When can cities and towns set their own finances straight rather than base their budgets on hypotheticals? When will the legislature complete its job?

Mike Soucy


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