YOUR VIEW: Martin urges action on a state budget

Published on Sunday, 23 July 2017 22:37
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To the Editor:

I read Mary F. Etter’s well-written letter to the editor “Your View: Hundreds hurt by lack of a state budget.” I wholeheartedly agree that, as soon as possible, legislators must enact a state budget that provides funding for important programs like those offered by Bristol Adult Resource Center.

Governor Malloy warned legislators what would happen if neither a budget nor proposed “mini budget” were approved before July 1. The consequences were clear then, and are very real now.

Legislative leaders must sign an emergency certification so that a budget bill can be debated and passed in a special session. My Senate Republican colleagues and I were in Hartford on June 29 ready to vote to keep the state running. Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House refused to sign the emergency certification and the new fiscal year started without a budget.

Every day that passes without a state budget, the harm to our state’s most vulnerable citizens becomes worse. The distress and outrage it is causing has been articulated in the numerous emails and phone calls to my office. I share that outrage.

A Senate Republican budget proposal has been ready for debate for months. It provides funding for municipalities, education and critical social services provided by organizations like Bristol Adult Resource Center. It does this with no new taxes and has been vetted as a fiscally sound, workable budget.

As soon as legislative leaders sign an emergency certification, this budget can be debated and, if passed, put an end to the hardship that nonprofits and their clients are facing. We could do this tomorrow.

I hope readers will join me in urging our legislative leaders to sign the emergency certification so this nightmare can come to an end. To continue as we are is simply immoral.

State Senator Henri Martin


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