YOUR VIEW: Opposes the GOP 'repeal and replace' health bill

Published on Thursday, 13 July 2017 19:30
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To the Editor:

The GOP proposed health care bill sends chills down my spine and the spines of millions more who shudder at the loss of lives this bill promotes.

Sadly, the GOP members of Congress in both House and Senate don’t care about human lives but care more about their wealth! They have proven time and time again that they cannot govern and when they have the opportunity they cannot agree on anything except to hurt people!

Moreover, we have an administration that has created hatred of poor people, sick people, including children, public education, LGBT people, religion, and diversity of races and color. We have a crisis in America; it’s called “hatred” and this administration is to blame!

I pray that the people who are part of your publication will fight against this death care bill for the wealthy and for the values we should hold dear to our hearts, our Constitution, which is not respected by this administration!

Please work with those who value life and preserve life for all! Your life or the life of a loved one or dear friend may be affected by this loss of health care. We are all connected, we all matter, we all deserve health care as good as our Congress receives!

Thank you,

Rita Miller

New Britain

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