Your View: Reader notes Don Soucy's many accomplishments

Published on Friday, 30 June 2017 20:55
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To the Editor:

Bristol is a wonderful city. This is due to the efforts of many people over the years. Some go back well over 100 years. Fortunately, Bob Montgomery has published articles on many of them, which helps us appreciate what these people did and the legacy they left us. However, there are many of a more current time that have contributed greatly also. We sorta take their efforts in stride until we step back and look at their total accomplishments.

One of these people just retired, quietly, without fanfare, which is typical of him. I’m talking about Don Soucy. Don has been involved in the city in many ways: city boards, organizations, special programs. But his most memorable accomplishment deals with the Little League, the Bart Giamatti Little League facility and the Eastern Region Little League Tournament

The facility itself is beautiful, well maintained and a compliment to Bristol. We can give Don much credit for that. Hopefully the city will keep the area neat and clean as thousands of people, including many out-of-towners and many people from out of state visit that area each year. It would be a tribute to Don to make sure that that was done.

The annual tournament attracts thousands of visitors from different states, and again reflects well on Bristol. Don has played a key role in that accomplishment also.

Don, many years ago, established Bristol’s Secret Santa Society, which has provided thousands of Bristol’s children with winter coats, boots and gloves.

Don will tell you that he didn’t accomplish all this without help, but it was under his leadership that all this happened and grew. We owe him a big thank you for all his efforts and accomplishments. Hopefully the city of Bristol will acknowledge what Don has done , and honor him in some way.

William T. Stortz


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