YOUR VIEW: Making the case for at-home care and caregivers

Published on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 19:59
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To the Editor:

There is no place like home. Being a caregiver for someone who has made the choice to live in their own home rather than a nursing home, it is important to support the services these people get at home.

Over the past several years, bipartisan leadership in Hartford has recognized that home and community-based services can provide seniors with care in the setting of their choice at a fraction of nursing home costs. However, a looming budget deficit threatens to wipe out the gains made in offering seniors care at home.

Cutting cost-effective home care services is exactly the wrong thing to do right now. Connecticut is the seventh oldest state in the nation. By 2030, more than one in four Connecticut residents will be 60 or older.

This demographic trend will put even more pressure on the long-term care system. That’s why now is the time to invest, not retreat from cost-effective home- and community-based services. The best way we can meet the promises and preferences of an aging population is through support of family caregivers and services at home, like the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders. Let’s not back away from long-term budget savings for short-term gains. Legislators and the governor must reconsider cuts to home care programs that support aging-in-place.

Lottie Prushinski


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