YOUR VIEW: Parking at the softball field: A dangerous situation

Published on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 21:03
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To the Editor:

Have you ever tried to go up Mix Street or any of the adjoining streets in the summer? You usually have to avoid many cars using the side of the softball field to park. You have mothers and dads and grandmothers crossing the street where they should not be. The field was repaired several years ago but the cars have worn out the edge of the grass. We have plenty of parking for these people and they would only have to walk a little farther from the lot. When the championship happens in August, it is even more chaotic with 50 to 100 cars lining the street. There has a been a free shuttle for this game for years but people will instead walk from right near St. Paul’s to park the car on the side of the road. In August it is dark and you are hoping no one gets hit. The city should force the league to follow the rules and park in the lots before someone gets hit. It is so easy for a child to run away from mom and dad when your hands are full. Please make this the safe area it was designed to be.

Jim Beaudoin


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