YOUR VIEW: Don't follow past procedures without thinking

Published on Friday, 16 June 2017 21:58
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To the Editor:

Mary was preparing food. Her son was sitting next to her and noticed that she always cut off the head and tail of fish before placing it in frying pan. He asked, “Mother, why did you cut off the fish from both ends?”

She replied, “I don’t know. My mother, Anna, always did it that way. Mariam would know why because she always helped mother preparing food. She is little hard of hearing because of her age.”

Anna (mother of Mary) and Al-Imran (Grandfather of Jesus) had passed away at this time. Jesus went over to Mariam and in very loud voice asked her about the fish. With a twinkling in her eye Mariam replied, “the frying pan Anna owned was too small.”

Jesus returned home and told Mary about the pan. The following night Al-Imran, grandfather of Isa, came in his dream and said, “Mothers provide family environment and power and fathers hope and dreams for future.”

This Biblical story teaches us sometimes we just follow the procedure of our forefathers without thinking about reasons behind it. As human beings we must think of the reasons behind any ritual. In America, many fathers are suffering just because of not teaching the importance of fatherhood in society.

Ajmal Mehdi


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