Your View: Republicans asked to repudiate negative letter

Published on Friday, 9 June 2017 19:54
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To the Editor:

I was saddened to read a recent letter to the editor by former Republican mayoral candidate and Town Committee member Elbert Huckaby.

I have known Mr. Huckaby for years and have held him in high regard as a person, even when his controversial statements have gotten him into trouble.

Mr. Huckaby has seemed to lay low ever since former Mayor and Town Committee Chairman Mike Werner publicly admonished him for anti-Semitic remarks and his attacks on residents Joe Wilson and Patti Ewen.

In his letter, Mr. Huckaby launches an assault on my friend Ellen Zoppo, while using me to support his statements.

I appreciate the fact that Elbert thinks highly enough of me that he would encourage the Democratic Party to consider nominating me as a mayoral candidate. However, I am enjoying my retirement and have never had any interest in running for that seat.

Furthermore, I’d like to let Mr. Huckaby know that when I was appointed to City Council in 2013 and ran for council in 2015, the Democratic Town Committee was nothing but supportive.

It’s interesting that the other person considered praiseworthy in Mr. Huckaby’s letter is Mayor Ken Cockayne. ...

As for Ellen, the claim that she somehow feels entitled to be mayor could not be more off base. I challenge anyone to present a candidate with a better record of steering or contributing to successful projects in this city over the past 20 years.

The expansion of Bristol Public Library, the fight on blight, temporary rebirth of MBS, revitalization of Rockwell, Page and Stocks parks, securing over $1 million in grant money for the historical society, and even the feral cat issue, all wins for Bristol with Ellen’s hands on them.

For the record, it takes a small act of God to get her to take credit for her role in any of them.

I hope that the 2017 Republican Town Committee doesn’t repeat the nastiness of 2015, and elevates themselves to the ways of Mike Werner’s 1999 group and publicly denounces letters like the one Mr. Huckaby submitted.

However, I bet this won’t happen since Mayor Cockayne was amongst the first to circulate this through social media, but let that speak of who and what he is, not you.

Mayra Berrios Sampson


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