Reader challenges fellow letter-writer as partisan

Published on Thursday, 1 June 2017 21:05
Written by Mayra Berrios-Sampson


To the Editor:

In reference to the letter Bob Lagasse published on Friday May 26, it’s people like him that cause partisanship by stating the facts only as he sees them. “One way only, the Republican way.”

It is disingenuous to write a letter against the opposing party, complaining that they are guilty of partisanship and claiming that the author’s party is innocent. His letter is partisan and on the offensive, and starts the dialogue that leads us all down the wrong road.

He talks about big money, but has he checked out the Koch brothers or Citizens United or did he just forget to mention them? Has he looked closely at the proposed federal budget? It in fact does favor the wealthy and it is a Republican budget. There has been report after report about the impact on children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups if this budget is enacted.

He also states that the Democrats are screaming about the FBI head being fired. I personally am glad he was fired but I still don’t like the way it was done. “And don’t insult any of us by saying that Mr. Comey was fired as a favor to the Democrats.

And let’s not forget the parallel to Bristol. You have a Republican Mayor of questionable ethics and Republican control of the City Council so you can’t keep blaming the Democrats!

There have always been differences of opinion when discussing politics, but I don’t recall a time in my life where there has been fewer areas of common ground.

I don’t remember any time when literally everything was adversarial.

So, ironically, Mr. Lagasse’s numerous anti-Democrat letters to the editor actually makes him a “champion of Bristol Republican hypocrisy,” and in fact, the face of partisanship.

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