Reader redefines what makes a great country

Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 19:40
Written by

Steven Andrychowski

New Britain

To the Editor:

What makes a nation great? Is it the ability to destroy the planet several times over? Does it depend on how many warships a country has? Or is it something harder to fathom, such as the number and type of risks a country takes?

I believe it to be the latter. That is why I feel that Vatican City is a great country, for they took the risk of allowing Syrian refugees into their country. The Pope is truly a great leader. He set a good example for all other nations to follow. The Pope is not afraid to show kindness to the oppressed. He does not lead from fear. He leads from confidence. He leads from the confidence that his humble nation can make a difference in the world.

In my opinion, the United States of America and the world, for that matter, needs to follow the great example set by the Pope.

Instead of spending billions of dollars on worthless weapons, let us spend that money helping others. We can help build vibrant economies in Latin America and Africa. We can take in more refugees. We can allow people living and working in this country to remain unmolested. We could even help India stop the disappearance of children in their country. We could do so much good with all that money. That would truly make America great. After all, as one of our truly great presidents once said “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” A truly great nation does not hide behind massive stock piles of nuclear weapons. On the contrary, a great nation opens its borders so that everyone can see what is truly within.

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