YOUR VIEW: GOP council candidate states his case

Published on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 19:44
Written by Andrew Howe

2nd District Council Candidate, Bristol

To the Editor:

I am Andrew Howe, your Republican council candidate in the Second District.

I have more reason than most to appreciate the benevolence in our town. In September of 2016, my life was almost taken during a senseless act of violence.

A robbery occurred at my place of employment. The perpetrator fractured my skull, inflicting brain damage resulting in an intensive surgery and a long recovery.

It was during these first few weeks that I discovered just what good people reside in our town. The amount of help my family received was staggering. Friends, family, complete strangers and even out of towners rallied to show support.

There has been a lot of time to think during my recovery. Why would all these people come forward to help? Why did this man do this to me? What brought the criminal to this point in his life?

Instead of self pity during my therapy, I discovered I wanted to help. I wish to aid others and be a part of the solution. It’s my turn to give back to the community the best way I know how.

I understand that I am not the typical political candidate. I’m an average everyday blue collar family man. I firmly believe this sets me apart from the herd.

I know what issues need addressing in the Second District because I am close to the heart of it. What makes our district unique is the beautiful diversity found within. I am proud to identify with my neighbors. I feel I can bring fresh relatable ideas for us, the traditional Bristol resident.

I would like to be your voice. We need to keep Bristol moving in the right direction.

That includes your vote as well as mine.

Aside from my family once owning a restaurant in heart of the West End and another on the outskirts, I have many years experience of running a small business in a big box world. In a small business, it takes fiscal responsibility to maximize the budget’s potential. I comprehend numbers and forecasts quite well. It is important to recognize surplus and shortfall. That is just one useful tool I have that can benefit our education budget. All four of my children are school age so I happen to feel strongly about this in particular.

There is a multi-million dollar project being discussed in our town. The Memorial Boulevard project. There will be inevitable consequences if we jump into this with our hearts, but not our brains. I propose we send this project for a referendum vote. What do our citizens, both young and old, want for their town?

In a project such as MBS we have one shot; let’s make it count. Speak up, neighbors,I am here to listen to you. I want to be your representing voice on our Town Council.

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