Your View: Reader alleges that voter fraud is not rare

Published on Friday, 19 May 2017 21:23
Written by

William Dorsey Fuller


To the Editor:

In Sunday’s “Our View” section you questioned if rare voter fraud was a threat to democracy. It would not be. You, however, made it sound as if vote fraud was rare.

Denise Merrill did not say it was rare but, rather, said she hopes it is not. Her comments, it appeared to me, were meant to sound like it is rare but gave no details on how she is sure of that even here in Connecticut. She even hinted that any attempts to limit problems are merely attempts to disenfranchise voters. The fact that actual vote counting cannot be easily manipulated (some studies show it is easier than thought) does not tell the story.

Having proof of citizenship or right to vote would be much easier if done in a timely fashion rather than waiting until a day or so before the proof was required. People truly interested in voting would likely do that. Failing to vote through ignoring this requirement is not disenfranchisement, only indifference. True disenfranchisement is when an “illegal” vote cancels out my vote and I cannot do anything to control it.

Errors and fraud appear to be rampant! … I cannot understand how you, and Denise, would lead readers to believe vote “fraud,” through voter registration fraud and errors, is rare when there is so much information that proves otherwise. It seems to me a newspaper should be presenting both “sides” to this issue and giving readers the facts.

The illegal acts of Acorn alone would be enough to raise concern. The fact that motor voter laws are a source of much fraud/errors in California and perhaps other areas lend credence to the need for more care in insuring that only those entitled to vote are properly registered. No doubt California is not the only state where a large percent of illegal aliens are voting. Failing to inform people that registration fraud is voter fraud is failing to report the facts to your readers. …

I am recommending, and requesting, that you do the proper investigation into registration fraud and errors and report the facts, not Merrill’s hope to sound like she is doing a great job and a “view” trying to imply that election fraud does not exist.

William Dorsey Fuller


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