YOUR VIEW: A message for all of us: Don't litter

Published on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 19:31
Written by John Maciag


To the Editor:

I was pleased by your support for the Plainville Conservation Commission’s efforts to clean up along the Quinnipiac River. A thankless task, it deserves recognition for calling attention to the mindless disregard that created the need for a clean-up. The participants can take great satisfaction if their efforts encourage people to take more responsibility for their own trash. Along the Pequabuck River I have fished many non-organic items from the waters. But river trash is a small amount compared to the cellophane wrappers, cigarette packs and butts, cans, bottles, and fast food containers deposited along our busy street. Much of this washes into catch basins and empties into the Pequabuck River and the wetland where our drinking water wells are located.

The careless disposal of litter along our highways and waterways is a problem with a simple solution; it only requires courtesy and respect for the people around us and the environment. It is not part of school curriculum, but apparently seldom taught at home. Children also learn by bad example. It is an ugly intrusion to find trash in dwindling natural areas. But it is even more socially irresponsible to trash the roadways and developed areas where we live, work and shop.

The simple solution, “Don’t litter.” Carry a trash bag in your car, stuff it in your pocket or pocketbook and put it in the trash, dirty the car ash tray and keep your butts off my lawn. Put it in the job description, set an example to your children and develop the guts to call out your friends for bad behavior.

To the Herald, practice what you preach.

My first cutting of the lawn required pick-up of the roadside trash thrown on the yard with the winter snow. I collected over 90 plastic carriers attached to the plastic bags used for home delivery of the newspaper. These plastics are used by the Herald, Courant, Press, and advertisers, but are all probably delivered by one carrier.

Please instruct your carriers on the importance of retaining their trash and disposing of it properly. It reflects badly on your corporate image and on the security of your printed opinions. There is no added work to just collect and dispose of trash properly. It would appear your carriers require an education in social responsibility and their job description requires alignment to agree properly with your stated opinions.

The legislative solution to the litter problem doesn’t work, maybe because it says that it’s “Fine for littering”, but the ambiguous headline “Herald carrier fined for delivering trash” could spark interest.

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