YOUR VIEW: Thibeault seeks to be a candidate for council

Published on Thursday, 4 May 2017 19:31
Written by Cheryl Thibeault


To the Editor:

Thomas Jefferson once said, “That government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.” These words should encourage us all to share in the decision-making, the building-up of and the responsibility of making our world, our country and our city better. I know these words motivate me and, as a result, I have decided to seek a seat on our City Council representing the Third District.

I have had significant volunteer roles throughout my life. Municipally, I currently serve on the Board of Finance (chair), the Retirement Board, the 10-Year Capital Improvement Board, Fire Building #4 Building Committee (co-chair) and I am the BOF liaison to the Police Board. In the past I also have served on the Mayor’s Task Force on Energy Conservation, the Greene-Hills School Building Committee, the Mayor’s TEAM committee and the Memorial Boulevard Task Force. Other hats include PTA president, Girl Scout leader, Forestville Village Association member, Chamber of Commerce Board director, Wheeler YMCA Board, Sunday School teacher and currently I am a youth leader in my church. I think you can get the picture; I enjoy serving. I want to see my city succeed, I want to make each of us proud to be a citizen of this wonderful community.

Being the 13th largest city in the state can be daunting. It is that sweet spot between quaintness and full throttle hustle and bustle. It takes courage, vision, creativity as well as discipline to make a community that people want to live, work and play in. I can bring this talent to the council in the same way I have been effective in every area I have served.

Our Board of Finance, for example, recently achieved AAA rating. We have a fully funded pension and a safe, adequate reserve fund poised for a unique opportunity or to help us through an unanticipated crisis. We have budgeted prudently seeking to fund the needs of all city departments, as all have worthy objectives and critical needs, ever- mindful of the taxpayer and the impact that raising taxes has on their family budget.

I feel our taxpayers, our citizens need a voice. They need an advocate to help them figure out how to navigate city hall when they have an issue. They need a compassionate ear to listen to their concerns. They need strong hands to roll up the sleeves and work on their behalf. Sometimes they just want to know that there is someone who cares about them and will represent them. I am that person. I have demonstrated each of these abilities routinely and I hope that through my efforts I have earned your trust. Transparency and openness aren’t just words, they are action items- just attend a BOF meeting and see for yourself.

I can be that energy that helps us focus on growing our tax base by bringing in new business and industry while providing jobs. I can be that catalyst that looks to bring culture and excitement to our community so that we can stay local - supporting those who invest in us. I can be that motivator to get others involved and build up our community. I can be that communicator keeping you informed and up to speed on important issues that affect you. I can be a problem solver helping to find solutions to issues such as homelessness and addictions. I will make sure your voice is heard. I welcome the opportunity and your support.

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