Response to letter of April 26, 2017: 'Reader won't watch local TV news channel'

Published on Wednesday, 3 May 2017 19:53
Written by Sue Zaremba


To the Editor:

Marylou Couture believes local news is biased. She must watch only Fox.

Fox truthfulness is alarmingly poor. See

It calculates ratings made by Fox personalities. Seventy-eight percent of statements made are between Pants on Fire and Half Truths.

People watch a station because it reaffirms their beliefs.

Afraid of hearing opinions, views or facts? Alternative facts are found on Fox.

I do not like Trump, along with 2.9 million people that voted for Hillary above who voted for Trump. Why? Trump’s attempts to limit information to news stations (like Fox) that report on him favorably, his campaign team closely allied with Russia, hiding his tax returns, attempts to dismiss the bipartisan election investigation into Russia’s election meddling and members of his “team” being paid mightily while in Russia all throw suspicion on Trump.

I do agree America is great.

Couture fears the USA is becoming a communist country. Communist leaders limit news and rig elections. Hence allowing investigation into Russia’s meddling in Trump’s election to come to a conclusion.

Brain washing? Trump’s haranguing at post-election campaign-like rallies that he won the election by a huge margin? That’s brainwashing.

I can express my opinion as well as Couture.

Trump’s flip flopping continually creates skepticism of anything he says. Tomorrow…an alternative fact, Trump propaganda, will be tweeted.

The country is now run by rich businessmen with Trump. His four bankruptcies do not inspire my confidence. His idea to run the government as a business is not new. Brutal cuts businesses make are for their profits. Cuts will not benefit the low/middle class.

The Trump voters that rely on government benefits, as Social Security or Medicare may be soon surprised.

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