Reader: Re-elect Cockayne as mayor

Published on Thursday, 27 April 2017 20:01
Written by Al “Chops” Cianchetti


To the Editor:

Mayor Cockayne has distinguished himself as being an outstanding mayor. Every day he gets up, he makes an ardent commitment to make Bristol a better place to live, work and play. We, the citizens of Bristol, should be proud of our city. Mayor Cockayne runs the city like a fine-tuned violin. He has transformed, with his superb department heads, to make Bristol one of the best big cities in the state. He has kept the mil rate “livable” compared to other big cities.

Compare: Hartford 74, Waterbury 60, New Britain 49, Torrington 45, East Hartford and Bridgeport 42 and Bristol is at 36. One reason our mil rate is okay is because we have an excellent Board of Finance that never receives as much credit as it deserves.

The mayor and the Board of Education must come together to solve a serious problem. The state of Connecticut just released the 2015-2016 graduation rate of high schools by percentage. Bristol came in at one of the lowest in the state at 83.2 percent; 17 percent did not graduate. They will have a tough time to function both socially and economically in today’s society.

I also want to thank Mayor Cockayne for stepping forward for helping Army Strong and for the Laotian Monument. He has helped us veterans.

With Gov. Malloy playing “Chinese checkers” one week and “Russian roulette” with the state budget, Mayor Cockayne and the finance board will be hard-pressed to keep the mil rate reasonable.

Mayor Cockayne did have an “oops” in his current term (that is why God died on the cross). I support and stand by him.

Mayor Cockayne is also making great strides in redeveloping downtown; progress takes time.

I am suggesting that the Chamber of Commerce honor Mayor Cockayne with a merit award. Mayor Cockayne has done an awesome job in eradicating blight in Bristol. He has taken down nearly 60 structures at a cost of approximately $200,00 in tax revenue. A small pittance to keep Bristol beautiful. Once again I support Mayor Cockayne in the upcoming election. Enough said.

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