YOUR VIEW: Bristol can't afford salaries of 'Top People'

Published on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 19:21
Written by Sharon Albert

Resident and taxpayer of Bristol for the past 40 years.

To the Editor:

I was absolutely stunned after reading your article “Earning Top Dollar” in the April 12 edition of the Press.

For the past four years, the salaries of “Top People” have been raised, while the “second-class citizens of Bristol” must pay more for their taxes.

I believe that educators of schools are important; certainly, our police and fire departments are important. However, our police and fire department personnel put their lives on the line every day of the week. Does the superintendent put her life on the line every day? But a 4.3 percent or 12.5 percent raise is unrealistic for a city like Bristol, which cannot afford to do this.

We have residents who are homeless, residents who do not know where their next meal is coming from, elderly residents who may receive a 2 to 3 percent increase in their Social Security benefits and then find out that their taxes have increased.

I just don’t believe this is a fair way to treat the residents of Bristol. We need a bit of a break too. If the city can afford raises for the “Top 50,” why can’t the rest of us get just a small portion of help, too?

We have a wonderful police department and fire department, our roads are plowed in the winter (but in the spring are full of pot holes), we have weekly garbage pick-up, bi-weekly recyclable pick-up, yet we have to pay for yard waste when most of us try to keep our homes and property clean and neat.

I do not object to giving people what they deserve but, really, Bristol cannot afford salaries of $199,000+ when there are needy people who get less and less year after year and have their taxes raised. There is no fairness in this kind of treatment to the good citizens of Bristol. It is so unfair to have our taxes raised year after year and the top 50 get so much more.

We are asking for much, just a bit more compassion and fairness from our city.

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