Your View: Intersection left undone is dangerous

Published on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 19:09
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To the Editor:

So is the Peacedale Street and Burlington Avenue intersection being widened or not?

The state was in such a hurry to start this project last November that they ripped up part of several homeowners’ yards and put in new telephone poles. This spring Eversource came up with several trucks and sort of started to hook up the new poles. That was several weeks ago.

We had the yearly Easter egg hunt this morning at Norton farm. with hundreds of kids and parents running around the farm. We had one set of electrical wires hanging around 8 feet off the ground, with kids and adults walking under it several times. These are live electrical wires. I take it the state has several thousand dollars available if someone is injured or killed by this ridiculous set-up. Why don’t you either put the property back as it was or get this wiring part of it complete? People are asked to enjoy the park. We don’t want someone getting killed enjoying the area and trying to have fun here.

Jim Beaudoin


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