Reader: 'We are determined to see through smoke'

Published on Thursday, 13 April 2017 13:43
Written by

Kris Granatek

Bristol resident

To the Editor,

Where there’s smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke, most reasonable people will assume there is fire - or that there should be an independent investigation to determine whether there is fire. I don’t understand why Republicans in Congress are so hell-bent on not investigating Russian interference in the election, and I can only assume it’s because they know what is there.

It makes me laugh to think about how similar things are here in town. Two years ago, Mayor Cockayne went to great lengths to discredit his opponent for having “secret meetings” about the Memorial Boulevard budget numbers.

The Republican Party even filed a FOI complaint and said “where there is smoke there may be fire” insinuating there was more wrongdoing. They rack up $10,000 in legal fees that we the taxpayers paid, and didn’t even bother to show up at the FOI hearings in Hartford. Twice. Why? Because they got what they wanted - the mayor’s seat.

Only months later, we again watch as the mayor covers up inappropriate behavior and threatening of a supervisor, which has now cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to outside lawyers, mediators and an ombudsman.

Washington politicians may want to give up on clean water, climate change and health insurance for those who need it most, and the local politicians may want to settle on downtown and avoid discussion about the mayor’s temperament and action, but they need to know that voters are now paying attention and we are determined to see through the smoke.

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