Reader: Police deserve a raise, but not 9%

Published on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:09
Written by

Jim Beaudoin


To the Editor:

Why is the police department being awarded 9 percent raises along with benefits when the rest of the world including the Education Department is worrying about layoffs?

Don’t get me wrong: I support the police department but no one should be given a 9 percent raise. We are in a very tough economy and 3 percent would be good but to give a 9 percent raise when you are telling everyone else to cut is ridiculous. But the only thing this looks like is the mayor trying to buy union votes for the election.

The schools and all their employees are a lot of votes also, Mister Mayor, and you better not give them nothing or try to cut their budget to just about nothing when you are giving yourself a nice raise and the police department an extremely nice raise. With everyone worrying about having a job and the Board of Education being forced to give out layoff notices this is not the time to go overboard with the police department.

We should give them and the Board of Education a fair raise. Cutting one department to the bone and then going over the top with another is not how you should manage the city budget. Maybe it is time for a change and to get someone else managing the city’s money. We need to award funds in a balanced amount across the board, not destroy some homes, leave many areas of bare ground and then help the state widen an intersection that does not need widening.

Take a ride up Burlington Avenue, Maple and Peacedale where people’s front yards are being reduced to a sidewalk in front of their windows. There goes privacy. This is what the mayor started when he took down a house on Burlington Avenue several years ago. He is taking people’s property and taking away money from your children to overly give to people whom he hopes will vote him in to the mayor’s office next election.

It’s time for the people of this city to take things back and take care of our children so that they get a good education and then fairly take care of the police department and other groups that need a fair and balanced budget. Not give everything to one and take away from everyone else in town.

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