Your View: Bristol's housing future, houses or aparments?

Published on Sunday, 2 April 2017 18:51
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To the Editor:

I read Mr. D’Amatos letter this morning where the city would be making money off all the apartments in town by way of taxes. We should say here, yes, you are true: you as the property owner are responsible for the taxes for the property.

But if your buildings are empty as the Jennings one, which seems to have three or four tenants, that cuts into your ability to make money and could affect your tax payments. So if you have what 30 to 40 empty units there, along with all the units being built in Bristol, say the three new buildings on King Street, and the proposed units right down the road from you, makes it a little overkill in the apartment buildings in the city.

This makes it harder for all of the owners to rent out these buildings, no matter how nice they are, and cuts into the amount of money you make and you still have to pay the taxes.

They city needs to look at the number of units available in the city and start slowing down on the number of permits they are granting to build new apartments. Without new business in the city and the mall site still empty except for the proposed hospital building, you need to get things done to lure more people to Bristol and have more homes for them, not more empty apartments.

Jim Beaudoin


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