Your View: Apartments can add to city's value

Published on Friday, 31 March 2017 20:38
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To the Editor:

This is a direct response to Jim Beaudoin’s letter regarding “Apartment-Building.” As an owner, builder and maintainer of The Patricia D’Amato Residences at Jennings North End facility in the old Jennings School, I am quite dismayed at the disdain for one of the most beautiful re-developments that has occurred in at least the last 20 years within the city limits. The Patricia D’Amato Residences offer a high-end luxury active senior rental community concept that is on track with the plan we had set out for occupancy before being built. Most individuals that have moved into this facility have made life-altering decisions to rent versus own. Make no mistake, we are having and will have no issue “filling the building”.

I can empathize with the “idea” held by Mr. Beaudoin of having too many apartments. However, as a sitting city councilman from the 1st District, I can tell you that Bristol has made strides that other communities can only dream of making in terms of changing the dynamic in some of these “apartments.” We have quality developers and investors taking control of blighted properties, constructing new rental opportunities with quality modern amenities and will command more respectable rents that are raising the bar and associated property values in neighborhoods around the city.

In closing, renting is a lifestyle concept that one chooses. I can tell you that not everyone can afford to purchase a home, especially younger families; they seek to rent because of student loan debt or other personal issues. That’s their choice. Alternatively, others are beginning to downsize from a home to an apartment to streamline costs and reduce unneeded space. That is their choice to make. I am encouraged that Bristol is starting to attract quality investors to answer the call for new modern rental stock to chip away at eliminating the existing poor and blighted rental stock. The ultimate goal is for a balance of quality rental and quality homeownership - that’s what makes a healthy city.

Anthony (Tony) D’Amato

D’Amato Realty

City Councilman 1st District

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