Reader concerned about apartment-building

Published on Wednesday, 22 March 2017 19:35
Written by

Jim Beaudoin


To the Editor:

Just wondering what is going on with all the apartment buildings being built in town. You have Jennings School apartments that are almost empty, They are building three buildings down on King Street and it looks like another set will soon be built on Burlington Avenue.

Why all the apartments and not homes? Do we really need all these apartments when most of the buildings completed in the spring of last year are still empty? We don’t need to be an apartment town especially if we can’t rent the ones that have been sitting empty for months. Might want to slow down on the granting of all these building permits until you start renting out some of the units.

You might think this is great having all these buildings built but if they are empty as most of these are, it is just a big empty building that has been built and no one wants to live there. Need to get something built that will draw people to Bristol; then maybe it will be worth it building all these buildings.

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