New business in Berlin focuses on improving performance in baseball and golf athletes, from age 3 to 93

Published on Tuesday, 14 September 2021 11:53
Written by Ciara Hooks


BERLIN – The town held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Northeast Performance Institute, a business that offers an array of services centered around sports, Monday morning.

The company is comprised of three elements: NPI Golf, NPI Sports and NPI Services.

“Our athletes are our main hub of everything. Generally we service all ages, from 3 to 93; we’re not focusing on just kids or just adults,” said Peter A. Egazarian, founder and owner of NPI. “We have resources that we put around our players and their families and we make this more of a community. And that’s what the logo is about; the helix is the players in the middle then all the community is around them.”

“One of the women at Portland, she’s 85, her husband passed away recently and she just wanted to learn something new. So, at 85 years old she’s picking up a club for the first time,” said Nicole Gonzalez, director of operations, NPI. “We run the gamut all the way from little kids to the senior level. From collegiate level players that are moving into PGA level; we encompass everybody.”

NPI Services help with youth and family services, travel and event and golf services.

“We’re going to develop a plan around you; what your needs are, what your family needs are, how you want to work everything,” Gonzalez said. “I would plan an entire itinerary for you, from your hotel stay, to your courses, to what’s in the area for you, things like that. For events, we do little meet ups twice a month usually at breweries just as a get the word out.”

NPI Sports was established as a research level performance company for the advancement of technology-based player performance and athletic development. NPI currently is focused on golf and baseball, but will be extending into lacrosse and other sports soon.

“NPI provides high-level training for baseball athletes. The resources and capabilities we have are comparable to major league teams. The technology we have, the people we have, our experience combined could resemble one of the 30 major league teams,” said Michael Tampellini, Director of Baseball, NPI.

An assessment is run when an athlete signs, including being put through certain tests and drills.

“We pretty much come up with a mock analysis that highlights every single part of their game,” Tampellini said. “So, we say ‘hey, this is where we think you are, this is where we think you need to go,’ and it gives them a good evaluation of how good they are and what they need to do to play at the next level or whatever their goals are.”

“They have a very unique business model,” said Arosha Jayawickrema, Berlin town manager. “Their client universe has no age restrictions, and the training programs are personalized to meet the individual needs.”

NPI has six locations in Connecticut and the Berlin location at 1400 Berlin Turnpike is the central services office.

“This office is very strategically placed. We have north, south, east and west covering the state and this is the geographic center with access to all the highways,” Egazarian said.

Golf is the focus in four of the six locations, and two locations are for general sports, including Berlin.

There are 22 NPI employees, with about five of them at the Berlin location.

“Everyone comes in and out, but each location has a dedicated junior coach for ages 3-13 and an adult coach,” he said. “I personally handle all of the 13-18-year-olds.”

Chris Edge, Berlin economic development director, said NPI is a great addition to the town.

“We are a sports town and a firm that helps athletes to excel in their field now calls Berlin home. A wonderful match,” Edge said.

Egazarian was born and raised in Berlin and graduated from Berlin High School. He attended Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He started as a golf professional in 2001 at Hartford Golf Club. He did internships all over the country and has been working at some of the best clubs in the country.

“I’ve been highly influenced by my youth coaches; coaching is really a passion of mine. I was a director of golf at a private club in the Berkshires in Mass prior to this, but I was not passionate about running a golf course. I resigned my position and went into this full time,” Egazarian said

Egazarian has been named to two separate top 100 instructors in the country lists, won two PGA awards; and has 14 advanced coaching and teaching certifications in golf.

Northeast Performance Institute is open Monday- Saturday and is closed on Sundays. For more information on NPI visit

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