Gov. Lamont visits Central CT during Tuesday's primary

Published on Tuesday, 9 August 2022 17:02
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Erica Drzewiecki


NEW BRITAIN – Gov. Ned Lamont made a visit to Vance School during his trek across the state for Tuesday’s Primary Election.

The Aug. primaries typically see a far lower voter turnout than the General Election, so Lamont took the opportunity to encourage people to vote after casting his own ballot in Greenwich earlier in the day.

“Don’t take primaries for granted,” Lamont said. “That’s where some of the most interesting races are and there are big issues on the plate.”

The governor was greeted by members of the city’s legislative delegation, including State Sen. Rick Lopes and State Rep. Manny Sanchez.

“It’s really good to have the Governor out and about encouraging people to come out and vote,” Sanchez said. “Turnout is key. We’re hoping efforts made not only by the administration but also folks in the community will have an impact on the November election.”

Voters in New Britain had the opportunity to cast a ballot for several races, including Secretary of the State, State Treasurer and U.S. Senator.

“This is the fourth time in three weeks the Governor has stopped in New Britain for an event,” Sen. Lopes pointed out.

The two had enjoyed a meal together at CJ’s Restaurant on South Street just two days before.

“He and his staff are always interested in what’s important to the people of New Britain,” Lopes added.

City resident Kent Plourde came to Vance School to cast his ballot just as the Governor arrived and had the chance to shake his hand.

“I really appreciate what you did with the pandemic,” Plourde told Lamont. “You always have my support.”

Lamont’s visit to New Britain was preceded by a stop in West Hartford. After departing from Vance School, he planned to head to Meriden. In total, the governor visited 10 different polling locations across the state Tuesday.

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