Video shows suspect evading arrest, New Britain police use force

Published on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 16:58
Written by Charles Paullin


NEW BRITAIN - In videos posted in two New Britain Facebook groups, one of three officers wrestling with a suspect can be seen hitting the man multiple times before more force is used by police during the arrest.

The suspect is Julio Perez, 27, of Dwight Street, who attempted to elude capture from officers as they approached him on Sunday, Police Chief Chris Chute said in a statement sent to The Herald.

Police spotted Perez, who was wanted for failing to appear in a case out of New Britain Superior Court, Chute said. Police were on their way to his address, after he had contacted police around 6:30 p.m. to report a domestic disturbance that occurred at his residence earlier that morning, Chute said.

In the video, Perez can be seen flailing his legs and rolling over as the officers make physical contact with him near the corner of Stanley and Dwight streets.

Perez is then seen getting up and walking on Dwight Street away from the officers, when the officer who was hitting him beings to spray what appears to be pepper spray toward the suspect.

Perez then ends up on the ground after an officer appears to use a Tazer gun on him. Perez is seen wiping his face and then is straightened on the ground after he appears to be Tazed again by the same officer.

The officer who hit Perez earlier in the video is then seen grabbing Perez’s arm, and hitting him in the head and kneeing him in the ribs, before backing off. An officer can then be heard yelling at Perez to get on his stomach and to put his hands behind his back.

“I don’t want three. I mean I’ll do it, but…,” an officer can be heard saying. An officer is also heard saying Perez has something in his pocket.

The third officer around Perez then pulls him by the arm, which results with Perez onto his stomach. The other two officers get on top of him and a fourth officer enters the scene, when they struggle to get a hold of one his arms. The one officer who hit Perez both times before, is then scene kneeing Perez and hitting him again, as “give me your hand now,” is yelled.

Two more officers then enter the scene, and one officer is heard saying Perez is reaching for something, before the video ends. Another video shows Perez in handcuffs being brought to his feet and then gingerly walked to a police cruiser. New Britain EMS arrives to the scene in another video.

“I have recorded everything from the time I seen them rushin’ him,” the Facebook user who shared the videos said in one of the videos.

Chute said Perez, who was found to be in possession of a screwdriver and a pair of scissors during the struggle, actively resisted and fought with police. Police used multiple levels of force to gain control of Perez that were ineffective, and it wasn’t until the additional officers arrived that police were able to control Perez, Chute said.

Two officers received minor injuries from the struggle with Perez, Chute said. Perez sustained abrasions and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. He will be arraigned in New Britain Superior Court once he is released from the hospital.

As with all incidents where a police officer used force, a review will be conducted of the action taken by the officers in this arrest, Chute said.

Last month, an internal review cleared officer Michael Slavin after videos surfaced of him striking Dennis Ramos during an arrest in July. Ramos was later arrested that week as part of a drug sweep in the city. The cases for the arrest from the incident with Slavin and drug arrest are still pending in New Britain Superior Court.

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