Attorney general hopeful visits Plainville Senior Center

Published on Thursday, 28 June 2018 21:11


PLAINVILLE - Chris Mattei, a Democratic candidate for state attorney general, paid a visit to the Plainville Senior Center Thursday to introduce himself to potential voters and determine what issues concern them most.

Mattei, who grew up in Windsor and previously served as the chief of the public corruption and financial fraud unit of the Connecticut U.S. Attorney’s Office, was given a brief tour of the building at 200 East St. by its assistant director, Rhonda Guberman. She explained to him how the center provides social services, transportation and meals to Plainville residents over 60 and to several visitors from out of town.

Along the way, Mattei talked to seniors in the cafeteria and those sitting in chairs in the lobby. He frequently criticized President Donald Trump and encouraged local seniors to support his campaign in the Democratic primary.

“I’m trying to reach as many people as I can,” said Mattei. “Seniors have a lot at stake in this election and I plan to challenge the Trump administration on any illegal overreach and protect seniors. I also plan to help them to protect their personal information and prevent big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies from engaging in unlawful actions that disproportionately affect seniors. I’m focused on making sure the people in Connecticut and the people I grew up with are protected.”

Mattei brought up several issues, from the dismantling of the Affordable Care act, which he said would result in people being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, to companies that he said engaged in “anti-competitive behavior.”

“We want to root out that behavior when we see it and hopefully bring the costs of electricity and gas down,” he said.

Mattei also noted that he became involved with the Department of Justice because of the corruption he was seeing in the state at the time. He noted that he was a prosecutor when former Gov. John Rowland went on trial for the second time.

When he stopped at a table where Kay Evans and Richard Smith sat, Mattei asked them what they thought of the state of politics in Washington.

“They can’t agree on anything anymore,” said Smith. “There’s so much controversy.”

“I’ve seen the ugly sides of both Republicans and Democrats,” Mattei replied.

“It’s not just one side, it’s both,” said Evans.

Mattei said the Plainville Senior Center was a “nice facility” and that he believed that senior centers are “important community centers.”

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