Plantsville Walk-Thru highlights areas of need

Published on Monday, 11 June 2018 19:30


SOUTHINGTON - Southington town leaders joined the chamber of commerce last Friday for their annual Plantsville Walk-Thru.

A group of about a dozen participants including local leaders met with Taylor Crofton, executive director of the Southington Chamber, at Clock Tower Square. They walked the streets of Plantsville and stopped in to visit several local business owners.

“Overall it was very positive,” Crofton said. “We stopped in to see a few different businesses – Plantsville Pharmacy, Hop Haus, SoulSpace Yoga & Wellness and we ended up at Webster Bank. The businesses were happy to have us and we helped three issues get resolved that same day.”

Crofton also said that following up after talking with businesses during these Walk-Thrus is important.

“One business had a sidewalk that was all chopped up and we informed them about a town program that offered partial reimbursement if they did the work. We also saw to fixing up some of the flag poles with the Plantsville flags. We want to make sure that Plantsville keeps a nice aesthetic,” she said.

Additionally, Crofton said that she believes community involvement and business owner cooperation is the key to future success in Plantsville. That view was echoed by economic development director Lou Perillo III.

“There was a sense of everyone wanting to work together,” Perillo said. “But, there is only so much that the town can do; we will need the cooperation of business owners, building owners and tenants. The town has not given up on wanting to create a municipal parking lot in that area either.”

In terms the area’s appearance, Perillo noted that the flower boxes were up and that several of the potholes in the road were patched. He said that the area “looked nice.”

Perillo said that although he had learned that two of the area businesses, VNam Vietnamese Café and LuluBelles, were planning on closing, there was still a strong group of businesses in the area.

“I think it’s important for us to be there every once in a while and to stop in and visit them,” said Perillo.

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