BRISTOL BITS: Rowboat on pond was there on town business

Published on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 21:45
Written by Bob Montgomery

I’m sure a lot of folks driving down Memorial Boulevard - meaning driving west from downtown - saw some fellows in a rowboat on the western pond off the road on Monday. Probably thought they were out there to fish.

No. It was Doug Trillo and George Richter, parks department workers, bringing an aerator out to the site of the water fountain in that pond. The department takes the aerators indoors for the colder months until it’s time to once again get them out to the fountains to get them spewing water.

Looking for Fred Rich

I’m trying to contact Fred Rich and I’m wondering if anyone has info on him to do so.

Bristol Press rewind 2003 (15 years ago)

The United Way of West Central Connecticut held its annual awards dinner at the Radisson and included was the unveiling of a four-town initiative that will focus on middle school children aged 10-14 and their families. The children and youth council consists of Lisa Aiudi, Plymouth Board of Education; William Brownstein, M.D., Bristol Pediatric Center; Robyn Bugbee, City of Bristol; Peter Chase, Plainville Library; Marguerite Fletcher, Neyerlin-Fletcher Corp.; Veronica Hunter, State of Connecticut; Dawn Leger, PhD, Burlington; Anthony Malavenda, Bristol Board of Education; and Suzanne Onorato, PhD, Bristol Wellness Center.  

Those also honored were Tom Barnes, chairman of the board of Barnes Group (Spirit of Giving Award); Bristol Hospital (Award for Excellence); Kathy Hein, first vice president of the Education Association of Plainville (Lou Bachman Award); Transformation Task Force (Special Initiative Award). Members are co-chairs Susan Laberge and Kathy Sorey and committee members are Jack Acquarulo, Andrea Alexander, Fletcher, Malavenda, Mark Mazar, Katherine Plourde, Michael Rivers, Mary Smith, Sue Vivian and Mark Ziogas.

Duckpin standouts

I recently mentioned that Bristol has had some outstanding duckpin bowlers in its day and with this, I received an email from Cincy Potocki about her father, Anthony Potocki, having been one of them. She writes, in part:

“He was friends with Tony Zagryn during that time. I still have a few of my father’s trophies from the late ’40s and ’50s. One was a ‘City Industrial Tourney 1947’, and others are ‘ND 32 League 1948 and 1953-54.’ I believe they were from New Departure.” (Note: They were from New Departure.)

Cemetery flags

On Monday morning, veterans and volunteers drove to St. Joseph’s Cemetery with American flags to be placed at the gravesites of military veterans. I wasn’t there to see who was doing this volunteer work, but I know that Alice Testa was there with some kind of interesting hat and Bob Barnett was saluting the gravesites and thanking the veterans he was placing flags at.

Jim and Sheila Bousquet were there as usual and I’m told that Lenny LaMothe volunteered for the third year in a row after being approached by Putter Kilby. Bob and Darlene Coffey were there as usual in one of their many veterans activities, they, too, take part in. I’m told that Bob has recently taken on the huge job of supervising all of the state’s Honor Guard teams.

Chairman of the Beach

I hooked onto a Facebook page with comments by Ken Thompson, a classmate of mine at both Stafford School and Bristol Eastern back in the Dark Ages. I get a kick out of some of Ken’s comments and one is his self-proclaimed title of being the “Chairman of the Beach.” Apparently he lives on the water or nearby. His most recent entry was asking Bristol residents if they remember the former Washington Superette on Washington Street and Washington Heights, the area of homes where Garfield Road and other roadways meet.

Canada geese - federal law

For those who don’t know, the female Canada goose in the flower pot at United Bank downtown is incubating eggs and it’s a federal law that no one is to touch it. You’ll notice, too, that two fellow male geese are nearby in protecting the mother-to-be.

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