Kelley runs for first term on City Council

Published on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 21:32
Written by Lorenzo Burgio

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - Growing up in Waterbury one of seven brothers and sisters with different political views has given Peter Kelley the ability to reach over the aisle and would make him a good city councilor, he explained.

“Some are Democrats and some are Republicans, so I’m easily able to reach over the aisle,” said Kelley. “This allows for intelligent and civil conversations from both sides. The key is everyone working together.”

According to Kelley, having this ability in addition to making connections and relating to members of the community is what makes a good city council member and the reason he is running for the Second District.

“The second district is a diverse district, but I have the ability to relate to everyone and everyone has a voice that should be recognized,” Kelley said.

Kelley is currently in his seventh year of working at Bristol Federal Credit Union and worked at Crowley Auto for 28 years. He explained that his wife is a Bristol native and her family has worked and lived in the community for their entire lives.

This led to him living and working in Bristol for 35 years, which made it clear the fibers of this community are built on the strength of the people in it, he explained.

“I am fortunate enough to have relationships with many strong pillars in the community, and with many that make the community great,” said Kelley. “I relate to them, and use their knowledge to strengthen the community, and these are connections not many have but are the people’s biggest resource.”

This allows Kelley to bring unnoticed parts of the community to light and get their voices heard by drawing on their ideas and incorporating them into everything he will do on City Council.

His visions, if elected, have a keen focus on properly funding the city’s education, particularly because he has been involved with multiple educational groups, including the Tunxis Foundation and mentoring in the public schools.

“It’s noticeable with different groups I am involved with, I have a focus on education,” said Kelley. “There are a lot of tough fiscal choices to be made, particularly regarding the Board of Education budget.”

“It’s about ‘we,’ not me. I am very excited and love Bristol and that’s what I want to convey,” Kelley added.

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