Vet's house is work in progress for HomeFront

Published on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 20:15
Written by Lorenzo Burgio

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - The home of World War II Veteran John Wartonick is still a work in progress as volunteers continue to make additional repairs after HomeFront’s one-day volunteer efforts last weekend.

Wartonick, 92, of Bristol, served in the infantry from 1938-45 and fought on D-Day and in the siege of Bastogne. He was chosen by the volunteer based group HomeFront to receive volunteer-based home improvements.

“He is grateful for all the work, and a little overwhelmed as well,” said Joanne Dumais, volunteer leader. “We have received a positive response from him, which is the reason we are doing it.”

“The house is a work in progress. We installed new windows on Saturday, two new doors and did some work to prepare for the new siding that will be installed. Then we can put in new gutters and shutters,” said Dumais. “The significant changes to the house and new windows and doors will most certainly make it warmer for the veteran.”

Roughly 35 volunteers worked on the repairing the house last Saturday morning and into the afternoon. They filled a 30-foot dumpster while cleaning out the veteran’s attic and removing the old siding, according to Dumais.

She explained that it is difficult to say when the project will be complete, because the volunteer group is working on getting things done during the free time of the volunteers.

“Our goal is to be done in the next couple weeks. It is expected there are always issues to deal with when working with older homes,” said Dumais. “But we have a talented group of volunteers and it’s what they do. They have no problem fixing any issue that pops up and know exactly what to do when one does.”

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