Joining the chamber is easy and beneficial

Published on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 21:00


BRISTOL -- Joining the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce is as easy as filling out an online form, and has a whole host of benefits for local businesses.

It is one of the largest chambers in Connecticut, serving over 1,600 member businesses across the region. This includes representation from chambers in Bloomfield, Bristol, Burlington, Farmington, Plymouth and Wolcott, along with membership from other surrounding communities.

Those interested in joining the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce should visit their website,, and hover the cursor over the “Membership” tab. From there, select “Membership Application.”

The next screen asks users for basic information, including the city or town of the business, how many staff members it employs and some information about the person filling out the application. Users must also provide credit card information to process the membership fee. A one-time $25 administrative fee will be tacked on to the total cost of joining the chamber.

Membership fees vary by town and a business’s staff size. The staff options generally range from a single employee to as many as 500. Some towns only have smaller options. Those with a staff size that is not available in the options should call 860-584- 4718 to negotiate a price.

The affiliations the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce has developed allow it “to have a greater impact both on the business climate within the state and with legislators on the local, state, and federal level,” Cindy Bombard, president and CEO, writes on the website.

“By coming together under the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce umbrella, our affiliates are able to be part of a much larger collection of businesses, creating a stronger voice to advocate for business needs,” Bombard continued. “Because of this, we have become a proponent for economic and community development across our region.”

“As a regional chamber along with our member associations we host well over 100 community and business events, meetings and programs. Each one of our chamber affiliates supports the community in which we live, work, shop or house our business by becoming engaged and involved with the community and our government agencies.”

For more information about the chamber - located at 440 North Main St. - call 860-584- 4718 or email

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