Forbes survey rates Thomaston Savings Bank No. 1 in U.S.

Published on Wednesday, 5 September 2018 20:57


BRISTOL - Forbes has ranked Thomaston Savings Bank the No. 1 bank in the country and, naturally, President and CEO Stephen Lewis is celebrating.

Lewis said he didn’t believe the news until he called the magazine to verify it.

“We get a lot of scam emails,” he said. “But when they told me that it had indeed come from them, I was very excited and even a little shocked, considering that they surveyed bank customers from across the U.S.”

Lewis said that Forbes surveyed 25,000 people nationwide and that, to be considered for recognition, 40 or more of the bank’s customers had to respond to the survey.

“It asked them what their bank is and then asked customers to rate them based on trust, terms and conditions, branding, services, digital services and financial advice,” said Lewis. “To be ranked, you needed to have a score of at least 70. We scored highly in all categories and we actually scored the highest of all of the banks surveyed, receiving a 95.4.”

Lewis said that this survey focused on regional and local community banks rather than national banks. Other Connecticut banks recognized by Forbes were Ion Bank and Liberty Bank.

Lewis said the recognition from Forbes will allow his bank to showcase the quality of its customer service in its marketing efforts.

“We know that we have great customer service, but it’s nice to see an independent party reinforce that,” said Lewis. “We hope that people who maybe haven’t considered coming to us in the past may do so now if they are dissatisfied with their current banking relationship.”

Lewis thanked his employees for “going above and beyond for our customers” and also thanked the customers that responded to the survey.

Thomaston Savings Bank was recently featured on the front page of Extraordinary Banker magazine due to its recognition by Forbes.

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