Bristol voters continue to make their voices heard on primary day with about 20 percent turnout in city

Published on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 13:43


BRISTOL – Bristol voters continue to make their voices heard on primary day, casting ballots for the candidates whom they felt best reflected their vision for Connecticut’s future leadership.

About 3,996 of 19,401 eligible voters, or 20.60 percent, voted today as of 4:39 p.m., according to the city of Bristol's website. For Democrats, about 2,310 of 12,543 eligible voters, or 18.42 percent, voted. For Republicans, about 1,690  of 6,858 eligible voters, or 24.64 percent, voted.

With the Governor and Lieutenant Governor positions open and the state’s finances dominating the conversation at countless dinner tables and city meetings, a steady tide of voters made their way to the polls Tuesday. It was their chance to support the candidate they felt had the best chance of turning the state around.

Al “Chops” Cianchetti threw his support behind Democratic Governor Candidate Ned Lamont and Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Susan Bysiewicz.

“I hope that they will be able to accomplish a lot more than what Governor Malloy has done,” he said. “They can talk the talk, now they’ve got to walk the walk.”

Carmello Ravita was also a Ned Lamont supporter.

“I like what he says,” he said. “All the other guys are saying that they want to take the income tax off. There’s no way we can do that with the state in trouble like it is now. They’re just saying what they think will help them get in. I think he’s more honest.”

Ian West said that although he is a registered Democrat, he is “not feeling” their roster of candidates. He said that he felt that the Republican candidates had a better “business mind.”

“Ned Lamont already ran two times and lost and Joe Ganim was charged with corruption and went to jail – this is really the best we can do?” he said. “I read a lot about David Stemerman from Fairfield and I thought he had a better vision.”

West said that Connecticut has become too expensive to live in.

“I’m a veteran, I’ve traveled all over and I’ve lived in many different states – Texas, Alabama, New York,” he said. “All of them are big business states and Connecticut is not. They are bleeding people dry left and right. We are losing people to Florida and the southern states. When I first moved to Alabama it was a ‘one horse town’, but they gave tax breaks to business and residents a respite from taxation and now they are thriving.”

Frank Ofiara said that he also came out to support the Republicans.

“I don’t like the Democrats’ stances on taxes or gun control,” he said. “Gun control is a lot of crap anyway; there’s already 2,500 gun laws on the books.”

Glen Strezze said he hopes to help Democratic win a congressional majority and keep their majority in state.

“I don’t know how I feel about tolls; it depends on how they do them,” he said. “But, I think that we should keep the income tax and cut off the cap for social security.”

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