Saporito Chiropractic's focus is 'whole patient'

Published on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 20:34


BRISTOL - Saporito Chiropractic takes a holistic approach to treating patients with chronic pain.

“We help patients with headaches, neck pain, back pain and joint pain,” said Dr. Davia Shepherd, who has a background in the pharmaceutical industry that she says helps her understand pain management.

“A lot of doctors try to treat symptoms,” she continued. “We try to be more holistic. We try to treat the whole patient and try to get to the root of the problem.”

Shepherd is one of the doctors at Saporito Chiropractic, which has offices in Bristol and Farmington.

The offices generally have two doctors and a massage therapist, but are currently in the process of looking for a second doctor.

“One of the reasons we’re so successful is that we’re able to treat patients who have failed with other therapies or tried other things,” Shepherd said.

“We offer a wide range of services to our patients. I personally believe people should live their optimum life. People shouldn’t be held back by health problems and pain.”

In addition to pain management, Saporito Chiropractic also helps patients improve their diet and lifestyle, which contributes to a holistic approach.

The offices also have a laser for noninvasive therapy methods.

Saporito can also help elderly patients by administering a balance test to determine if they’re at risk to fall. This helps prevent an injury before it occurs.

Saporito Chiropractic accepts most major insurance plans.

“Just call for questions,” Shepherd said.

Saporito Chiropractic has an office at 665 Terryville Ave., Bristol, that Shepherd said usually serves people in the Bristol, Plymouth, Burlington and Wolcott areas.

The office at 15 Executive Drive in Farmington, she said, typically draws those from Farmington, the Farmington side of Bristol, New Britain and West Hartford.

The Farmington office is located inside Malibu Fitness, which is very convenient for patients who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Any questions directed at the Bristol office can be answered by calling 860-589-1491. The Farmington office can be reached at 860-677-8888.

For more information about Saporito Chiropractic, visit its website at

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