Final facade lift: Old Bristol Press building gets a makeover through city program

Published on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 21:46
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - The last project of the Downtown and West End Facade Improvement Program was completed this weekend at the old Bristol Press building.

Justin Malley, executive director at the Bristol Development Authority explained that years ago funds remained from another urban development grant, which he then asked the state for approval to use for the facade improvement program.

“The essence of the program was to improve the appearance of businesses,” said Malley. “The program aims to improve the curb-appearance in the downtown and West End areas of the city and hopefully have the trickledown effect on other companies and building owners. It improves windows, doors and the painting on the exterior of buildings.”

“This was the last project of the program,” said Malley. “This is the last project of the program because the state asked for the city to close out the program by the end of June, so the Neighborhood Preservation Committee met last Thursday to look over the project at this building.”

The building is located at 99 Main St., and the discolored, gray material that made up the facade was removed from the exterior of the building to expose the brick underneath. This is the third business to take part in the program, according to Malley.

The owner of the building is also the owner of Biker’s Edge, which is located in the other part of the building, explained Malley.

“We at the BDA have been working with the owner of the building and potential tenants. It is currently listed but there are no established tenants,” said Malley. “It is one of the spaces at the forefront of our minds, and one we have been mentioning to anyone interested in properties in the city.”

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