List of 2017 Main St. Community Foundation scholars

Published on Wednesday, 14 June 2017 21:55
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The Main Street Community Foundation

BRISTOL - The Main Street Community Foundation Awarded 118 area students with scholarships from 62 funds established in memory of individuals and on behalf of organizations.

The following funds gave scholarships to students from Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott:

. The 4 Burns Scholarship was awarded to Luke Gines and Gianna Houle

. The Christian Arndt Scholarship was awarded to Jennifer Fisher

. The E. Bartlett Barnes Award of Journalism was awarded to Jaymie Bianca, Meghan Conlin and Catherine Gullotta

. The Because of 26 Kindness Award Scholarship was granted to Emily Gibney

. The Sid Bernard Memorial Art Scholarship was granted to Amanda Palladino

. The Peter and Majorie Bossi Educational Fund scholarship was given to Kayla Rozanski

. The Bowerman Scholarship was awarded to Feryal Al Hamadani

. The Bristol Boys & Girls Club Schulman Fund scholarship was given to Isabella Castrogiovanni and Anthony Lozier

. The Bristol Lions Club F. Fred Soliani Memorial Scholarship was given to Mikayla Lewandoski.

. The Bristol Police Scholarship was given to Anthony Lozier

. The Bristol Yale Club Scholarship was given to Feryal Al Hamadani and Gabriella Williams

. The Burlington Lions Club Charities Scholarship was given to Patrick Currier, Jacob Paciotti and Kevin Kryzwick.

. The Conn Acoustics Scholarship was given to Angela DeFilippo, Angelika Muter and Cody Donofrio

. The Peg Coughlin Nursing Scholarship was given to Isabella Castrogiovanni.

. The Rit Croce Academic and Vocational Scholarship was awarded to Christine Vurrill

. The Richard A. Della Vecchia Scholarship was awarded to Jesse Rasten.

. The Carolyn Fisher Scholarship was given to Christian Robinson

. The Olivia Fusco Memorial Art Scholarship was given to Katerina Belales

. GE’s Industrial Solutions Scholarship was awarded to Justin Greenwood, Hannah Jackman, Hank Leitzke, Jarod Romankiw, Alexandra Schultz, Hanna Schultz and Renukanandan Tumu,

. The Andrew and Murielle Giacomini Scholarship was given to Taya Watson

. The Azilda Hebert Music Scholarship was given to Lauren Santiago

. The Dorothy Micloskey Ives Award was given to Lauren Santiago

. The Grace & Norma Joy Scholarship was given to Francess Luna

. The Vincent R. Kozyrski Scholarship was given to Simon Andrews

. The Sean Landry Memorial Basketball Scholarship was given to John Grimes

. The John J. and Doris Lazorik Memorial Scholarship was given to Taylor Hartz

. The Leger Initiative for Education Fund awarded a grant to Kaitlin Steinen

. The Dave Lepore Journalism Scholarship was given to Taylor Hartz

. The Therese MacCallum “Great Kid” Scholarshup was given to Deep Aluria and McKenna Belury

. The Nicholas P. Maglio ACE Fund award was given to Christopher LeBeau

. The Elizabeth I and Louis J. Matt Medical Scholarship was given to Laura Furtak, Nancy Ongany, Lauren Tanner and Nicole Truszkowski.

. The Robert E. and Angeline P. McCormack Scholarship was given to Samantha Steeves.

. The McMaster-Moulthrop Scholarship was given to Simon Andrews, Marianna Aspergis, Morgan Megin, Autumn Blasi, Marco Guzman, Natallie Jesionka, Scott Larson, Nancy Ongany, Sofia Patria, Colin Savino, Sarah Strilkauskas, Nicole Truszkowski, Molly Watstein and Ashley Yung.

. The Ken E. Micloskey Award was given to Bradley Kozikowski

. The Al and Joan Monico Scholarship was awarded to Felicity Irizarry and Francess Luna

. The NESMA Scholarship was awarded to Natallie Jesionka and Ashley Nelson.

. The AJR Nocera Memorial Fund scholarship was given to Alex Cahill and Kayla Rozanski

. The Anthony Norton Scholarship was given to John Grimes

. The Scott W. Organ Student-Athletic Scholarship went to Cole Staples

. The Ralph Papazian Memorial Scholarship went to Autumn Blasi

. The Estelle Delano Peterson Scholarship was awarded to Kelsey Turgeon

. The Dorothy Dewey Picard Music Scholarship went to Lauren Santiago

. The Plymouth Community Club Scholarship was awarded to John Grimes

. The Max and Ruth Rabin Scholarship went to Gabriella Williams

. The Radcliffe Family Education Fund awarded scholarships to Alexa Cahill, Tyrah Green, Katie Pelkey, David Paniatowski.

. The Radcliff Plainville High School Fund was awarded to Jared Demmons, Stephen Gallo, Gregory Sileo and Nicholas Zaleski

. The Louis J. Rascoe Scholarship went to Gillian Strahowski

. The Julie A. Roche Nursing Scholarship went to Isabella Castrogiovanni

. The Douglas Roland Aid for the Trades Scholarship was awarded to Marena Baldyga

. The Clement J. Roy Scholarshup was given to Feryal Al Hamadani

. The Lawrence (Larry) Selza Memorial Scholarship went to Audrey Gallo

. The Glo Sessions Fund for Art Education scholarship was given to Amanda Palladino

. The Jill Lynne Schackett Educational Scholarship was given to Marissa Brevetti and Ashley Yung.

. The Southington Observer/StepSaver Scholarship went to Rachel Wrinn

. The Jay W. and Elizabeth M. Tyrell Scholarship was awarded to Pia Barlotta and Alexa Cahill

. The Dr. Joan T. Wallace Prize for Highest Achievement in English at Southington High School was awarded to Nickolina Doran and Rebecca Lo Presti.

. The Peggy Ann Walsh Memorial Scholarship went to Feryal Al Hamadani, Mikayla Lewandoski, Raina Lambert and Ashley Yung.

. The Kristen Warner Scholarship was awarded to Jesse Rasten

. The John Whitcomb Scholarship was given to Tejal Monteiro

. The Eva Brodowicz Wickwire Volunteer Scholarship went to Isabella Castrogiovanni.

. The Yarde Metals Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Carly Brunelle, Melody Catalano, Nicole Collin, Gary Gagnier, David Kaminski, Nicole Ledesma, Dillon Murphy, Alexis Thompson and Jennifer Thorpe.

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