Forestville salon changes hands

Published on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:04
Written by Lorenzo Burgio

Staff writer

BRISTOL - After joking with her older sister’s friend about selling their business of 30 years, Nancy Ravagnani and her husband ended up purchasing Silvana Day Spa and Salon in Forestville.

Ravagnani, who is from Plainville, has known the previous owner Silvana Charette since she was roughly 2-years-old and explained the salon expanded by more than half in the 80s when Charette incorporated.

After Ravagnani finished massage school in 2005, she worked in the salon five years with Charette and then elsewhere for three years, she explained.

According to Ravagnani, when she purchased the salon with her husband; the most difficult part was delving into the world of stylists, because she was more comfortable in the spa. Charette was more familiar with styling and continued to work there for a year and half after selling it, to help the Ravagnani.

“I had to get more into styling and learn the lingo,” said Ravagnani.

After purchasing the establishment, she felt it needed renovations. The stations were staggered on the wall and covered in white laminate and gold trim with large mirrors, explained Ravagnani.

“Not because it was in bad condition or out of style, but because it wasn’t me,” said Ravagnani. “I demoed everything with my nephew and just did the work slowly over a period of time. The spa upstairs has grown the last couple years, so now we plan to bring the renovations upstairs.”

In the past year or two she has noticed slight changes in the salon’s clientele which is mostly local, but they also see clients from far away.

“I don’t know why the clientele has changed,” said Ravagnani. “We see a mix of ages come in.”

New stylists have been brought in since ownership has changed. There are currently five stylists, eight spa technicians and three front-end workers, explained Ravagnani.

“The relationship I have with the previous owner brought me to Forestville,” said Ravagnani. “All because of joking around one day when Silvana posted a Facebook picture on vacation and me asking ‘when are you going to sell me the salon?’”

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