Industrial Park a target for development

Published on Monday, 8 May 2017 22:09
Written by Lorenzo Burgio

Special to the Press

BRISTOL - In an effort to increase the economic development of Bristol’s Southeast Industrial Park, the city has been speaking with a couple of different potential investors about building in the park’s vacant lots or existing buildings.

According to Mayor Ken Cockayne, lot number two is a plot being discussed.

Lot two is a patch of woods directly after the new Portable on Demand Storage center on the left, when entering the industrial park from Middle Street.

“We’ve discussed that property with a couple of different potential end users,” said Justin Malley, executive director of Bristol’s development authority. “We’re just working the possibilities.”

Selling property to developers in the industrial park is a top priority for the city and within the last month they have met with three potential tenants to discuss existing buildings and building new. The city encourages the opportunity to build new buildings because there are not many manufacturing buildings ready for purchase. Current manufacturers are content with their locations, explained Malley.

“We are constantly marketing the Industrial Park. There are seven lots available, but we tell developers that lots can be combined and we can adjust the property line,” said Malley. “We want to be flexible; every project is different.”

Last Wednesday, a potential investor visited the industrial park for a tour and to see a building that is under construction on lot five, explained Malley.

“We have been very focused on customer service and how the City of Bristol works with developers and businesses,” said Malley. “Such as the tour we set up of the industrial park, it helps give builders an idea of what’s possible.”

Malley explained that beyond customer service, the city offers the opportunity to apply for grant and tax abatement programs that help the cost of building and incentivize construction.

“It’s great for developers and helps offset cost, but also the fact that we offer and promote incentives sends a message,” said Malley.

These efforts are part of the city’s attempt to improve the industrial park’s economic development, explained Cockayne.

“We have been very aggressive bringing in the economic development into the park since I have been mayor,” said Cockayne. “When I became mayor we had one company in this park, now we have four.”

The city is working with the parts manufacturer Amko from Berlin, who is currently aiming to relocate to lot number five in the industrial park, explained Malley.

The new PODS facility was being constructed at the same time as the Amko building, which is still being worked on, explained Cockayne.

“This is the first time we have had two buildings going up at the same time in the park,” said Cockayne.

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