Bristol Bits: Memories of the Forestville Boys Club

Published on Sunday, 14 January 2018 21:24
Written by Bob Montgomery

Staff Writer

The first three segments of this column encompass the brick building at 260 Central St. in Forestville. It was first dedicated as the Forestville Boys Club in 1952 and most recently has been the home of Ultimate Wire Forms. What I plan to do in this first segment is jot down some odds and ends of what I remember about it being the Boys Club.

I lived on Brookside Drive and rode my bike as a preteen and teen down Brook Street to Stafford Avenue before crossing over to go down Church Street, which was the easiest of the treks to the club for me. Returning home, though, wasn’t as much fun until after I climbed back up Church.

Anyways, I recall a club (The Knights?) within the club and members wore a red club jacket. I recall Bill Hamilton, Gary Palladino, Gary Peterson, Allen Simpson and my brother, Bill, being among the members. I thought I’d be cool if I joined, because they were cool, but Allen blackballed me. It was the first time I ever heard of the word.

The many basketball teams, those which Bob McGinn oversaw at the time I played. I remember the Dickau boys, Art, Tom and Jack. Art was the oldest and had a beautiful jump shot. Tom admits today that he wasn’t a jock, and Jack, the youngest of the basketball-playing brothers, became the most successful high school-wise.

I recall playing on the same team as Mike Biskupiak, who was a good friend. Boy, he was a tough one...good rebounder. There were others that played there. Gary Palladino used to play three-on-three games with the older boys when he was a freshman in high school, and boy did he learn how to play the game. He was Greene-Hills’ main man before going on to Bristol Eastern. There are many more memories to share at another time.

Bristol Press rewind 2006 (12 years ago)

Helicopter landing facilities will be allowed in Bristol starting Jan. 30, zoning commissioners decided Wednesday, making it possible that a Forestville business owner will soon be able to use his helicopter as a business tool. Commissioners voted 4-1 to change the zoning regulations to allow helicopter landing facilities, but only in general business zones with a special permit.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Paul Blanchette, president and primary owner of Ultimate Companies, Inc., the umbrella corporation that includes Ultimate Wire Forms on Central Street in Forestville and Ultimate NiTi technologies.

FBC stories

Do you have a memory from the good old days of the Forestville Little League? If so, let me know.


I received an email that a number of directors of the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame (BSHOF) thought it would be nice to donate the leftover blankets it passed out to those who played in its golf tournament this past summer to Brian’s Angels and the Salvation Army. I’m told that Jack Hines, the Hall of Fame’s president, did this last week. Jack said these were two giving organizations and was proud to donate to them.

I will admit I’m proud to be a director of this organization, because of all the good things we do. I’ve said it many times before, we are the most diversified of any sports hall of fame in the state. Go to our website, BSHOF.ORG and see all the things we do.

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